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10 Things to do Under £10

This article is packed with a handy list of 10 things less than £10 that you can do throughout the rest of your summer!

1. Summer BBQ

All you need for this one to be cheap is a group of friends. The bigger the group, the cheaper it becomes! Knowing someone with a BBQ will save more money but if not then you can split the cost of a disposable/portable BBQ. Then get meat packs in bulk either from your nearest butchers or supermarket and split the costs.

2. Travel somewhere new in England

I’m sure you haven’t explored all of the beauty in England, and with those post-holiday blues, you might as well be out exploring what’s accessible to you already. Go camping in the North and only pay for your train travel! Take supplies with you, as well as some friends, and you’re sorted! Be sure to check first whether the land you’re on is private or not.

3. Cinema discounts

Now that orange Wednesday’s has ended, you have two options: the first is to get a Cineworld unlimited card, which allows you to watch unlimited films at Cineworld for £16 per month. The second is to get a cheap Tuesday’s card from Vue, and save up to 1/3 of your ticket price when you book to view a film on each Tuesday of the month.

4. Pizza deals

Tuesday’s are really starting to look up, aren’t they? With Pizza Hut you can buy 2 any size pizzas and get the cheapest one for free every Tuesday. Split the bill with your mates and you’re set to spend under £10!

5. Picnic in the park

Similar to a BBQ but cheaper and easier, you could prepare a picnic and go out with a group of friends. If you’re not that into food preparation, ask a friend who is or check out the pre-made food at your nearest supermarket (quiche is a killer picnic item). Do it at a local park and you’ll only be paying for a fraction of the food bill - once you’ve split it with your friends.

6. Paintball

Everyone enjoys a bit of paintball, and for £10, how can you say no? Allied Paintball are offering a paintball session at £10 (must be a party of 10 people).

7. Try a dance class

Picking up new skills is one of the perks of being young, so why not use this skill and try out Latin dancing? You can get 4 beginners classes for just £9 which is 74% off the original price, and who knows? You might just enjoy it!

8. Indoor ice skating

It’s the hottest time of the year, so why not spend a day out of the sun an in an ice rink? Keep cool, and show off your skating skills! Tickets are 50% off currently via Groupon, so entry for you and your friend would cost just £8.50, leaving you change to get a hot chocolate after.

9. Boot camp sessions

Summer is the time of the year where you can be at your most active, so why not push yourself even further and join MoveGB’s bootcamp sessions? £10 for 10 sessions is just 10% of the original price, so it’s more than worth the cost!

10. Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi is often referred to as “meditation in motion” and with the upcoming stress of your summer jobs and holiday planning, now is the perfect time to partake in a stress relief course! You can get a taster class for just £6.95 per person, which is more than worth it for the benefit you’ll get from it.

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