Student Guide: Watch Movies for Less

As a film student, I spend the majority of my free time watching films either online or in the cinema. This doesn’t just apply to us film nerds though, why else would you have clicked this article Mr. Non film student? Keep reading to save money on your social cinema trips!.

Cineworld Unlimited

If you haven’t already heard, Cineworld offer a membership called Cineworld Unlimited, which gives you access to as many screenings per month as you can handle, for a fixed price of around £16 per month. So you only have to watch two films per month to make it worth it. With the end of Orange Wednesday night, the Unlimited card seems to be a sufficient replacement, so long as you have a local Cineworld!

BFI Membership

The BFI Southbank is possibly one of the best cinemas in London, and with this prestige comes expense. But to save you from spending your entire loan on cinema tickets, they have a membership that you can buy for £45 per annum. Not only does this entitle you to discounted tickets, but you also get 10% of food and drinks as well free tickets to an exclusive BFI Southbank events programme. £45 may seem like a lot, but if you pay via direct debit then you can save £5 off the yearly cost.

Picture House London

Another less mainstream cinema that you should definitely incorporate into your cinema-going habits is Picture House. They have a few cinemas across London, including one in Greenwich. It’s relatively expensive but a student membership there is £15 compared to the standard £55 membership. The student membership entitles you to free film tickets, discounted member’s food and drinks, as well as a huge range of other discounts. This includes a free 3 months subscription to MUBI! This brings us to the next paragraph…


MUBI is great! It’s like an independent Netflix with higher quality content and less to choose from, meaning that you will always have a good selection of movies that update every month. They offer a free trial and if you’re a member of Picture house London then you get 3 months for free as mentioned before, but then it’s just £2.99 a month. That’s the price of a Tesco meal deal; could it get any better?! So there you have it; four alternatives to spending money on full price tickets and cinema food. Be sure to look out for other promotions and cheap tickets, as there are many other opportunities to go to the cinema on the cheap!

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