Applying for Jobs
What you need to consider

Getting experience whilst being at university is vital to building relationships and landing yourself your dream job after graduating.

By Gina
    With the majority of you now finishing off your year at university, our attention is now away from course work or exams and focused on how you spend your summer. Here are some bits of advice I have picked up, which you might want to consider when applying for summer jobs. 

    Whilst I’m sure most students will already have a CV, but if not then check out this CV template from the Guardian. It is important to make sure that your CV is relevant to the job you are applying to - if not, it’s a good idea to edit it and put the most relevant information about you, which applies to the job, first. For example, if you were applying to work for a graphic design company you would write information about any experience you’ve had or links to your portfolio, as where as if you were applying for work in a shop - may want to write about any previous retail work experience you have had. If you haven’t had any relevant experience prior to the job you’re applying for then you may want to write a cover letter to explain to the employer why you should be considered for the position.  

    When writing a cover letter you want to make sure that you have fully researched the company and the job that you are applying for. This is your opportunity to show them that you understand the responsibilities you would have if they were to employ you and how your current experience and what parts of your personality would fit the job description and use evidence to back it up - for example, if you were to call yourself a team leader make sure to give an example of when you have shown that quality, or if you were to call yourself a problem solver, use an example of when you have previously been able to solve a problem within a work environment. Check out this Guardian guide to writing a cover letter.

    Before sending off any applications I think it is always important to consider looking at your social media accounts. Make sure that there is nothing on any social media accounts you may have that would make you seem unprofessional or inappropriate to employers. Always remember how easy it is for potential employers to find your accounts!  

    If you’re not having any luck applying online - another thing to try is handing out your CV’s in person. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers as they get to know that you went to the effort of talking to them in person and introducing yourself - this way they get a much better idea of you as a person rather than just basing it on words in an application form.  

    Whatever job you’re applying for remember to be honest with employers, but always do your best to be confident within yourself!  


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