American Honey review

By Cressida

Director: Andrea Arnold, Academy Award winning director
Cast: Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough

 Plot: A teenage girl named Star, joins a travelling magazine sales crew after giving up what little life she had. We follow her as she explores the world with the young partygoers. 

If you have about three hours to spare, then this British American film is definitely worth a watch. American Honey has been described as the new indie classic by The Atlantic and I couldn’t agree any more. Following the story of Star, a teenage girl with nothing to lose.

Director, Andrea Arnold, has created a film that really encourages you to pay attention to the little details. It has been beautifully shot, with every part of the film being carefully planned out, simple editing and calming sounds that create the perfect platform to follow Stars journey through self-finding and recklessness. Other than setting the mood for the film, the editing and soundtrack puts the beauty in the story and immerses your self in their journey.

With the attention drawn to the story, the viewers have a chance to sit and enjoy the film for what it is – a coming of age story about a troubled girl and youthful recklessness. Arnold uses imagery and symbolism to advance the audience’s experiences and understanding of the deep undertones of the story, the complications of modern day life, something that we can all relate to. A recurring symbol is nature; in still shots it shows the passing of time, where ladybirds reminds Star of her past and tortoises relate to her journey ahead, where the sound relates to the speed of the film. Arnold uses the sound that is happening around Star such as wind, speech, and car noises to help create the tone of the film and an element of calmness to the story. The songs have been carefully chosen to portray the journey of the main characters; Calvin Harris’s 2011 hit, ‘We found love’ being one of them.

Overall the film is absolutely amazing and definitely worth the watch. And, without any spoilers, I thought the most interesting part of the film was by far how it ended. Hats off to Andrea Arnold!

American Honey is in cinemas now for people 15 years and older.

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