5 words 5 pictures

Gina took on the '5 words, 5 pictures' challenge. Find out how she got on.

By Gina


  • As mentioned in one of my previous blogs (Curtain Up Review), I love musicals and theatre. I feel that theatre represents 'love' to me, as it is something that has always made me happy. The Theatre Cafe, London, is full of bright and decorative musical memorabilia that joins people together ho have a strong love for theatre. They hold regular open mic nights and events for everyone to sing along to their favourite songs. 


    This picture represents laughter to me. It was taken on the way back from a night out on the town with my friends. I definitely think that it's important to be around people who you can laugh with, especially in a university environment where you're away from home and you are in need of a break from studying. Surprisingly I actually like the journeys back home to Scape Greenwich after a night out with my friends. The endless conversations about absolutely nothing, the fits of laughter that we can't control and those awful photos that you discover the next morning that you secretly love.  


    I chose this picture above of the street art in Shoreditch as I feel that people's art can often represent their identity. I love the urban feel and creativity of street art. I like that people's personality and individuality can come across in such wide variations of styles and designs. What used to be deemed as 'graffiti' and vandalism by the public, is now regarded as a piece of east London's cultural identity and it is truly what makes the area and our city so fabulous. 


    Every couple of weeks or so, when we get a chance, me and my friend from my course at university host a radio show. The word 'power' resinates so closely with the feeling of being heard and having the platform to get your voice and opinions across. That is exactly what radio is and the reason why radio was created in the first place. Having the chance for your voice to be heard and having the opportunity to have an influence on someone's day or even their thoughts or opinions is such a powerful tool in itself. I love the freedom to be able to talk about what ever we want, but there is two types of power linked with having a radio show... the power knowing that people are listening to what you are staying and taking an interest in it... but also having the power and the ability to speak like nobody is listening. That is the greatest power of all. 



    I think that the word 'inspiration' can mean a rang of things, but this image (taken on the balcony of Scape Greenwich) represents inspiration to me. I move to London for university and since day one i could feel its inspiration and creativity immersing from the streets. From pop up food stalls sharing the food they love, to buskers sharing their talents, to street artists creating their next masterpieces, London is a great place to call home. I love how many opportunities I have here, which I would not have elsewhere. I love the feeling of having endless places to explore and finding those places that subsequently influence me in every day life. 



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