10 step guide to freshers

If you're starting you first year at university in September then like many others you may be excited but also feeling a bit nervous. No need to worry- here are 10 tips for making the most of them first few weeks.
By Gina
    1) Remember that everyone is in the same boat - as cliche as it may sound, it's true! Even though some people may not appear to be nervous, I can guarantee everyone's feeling the nerves, even if they may not show it. 

    2) Don't compare potential new friends to the ones you already have back at home. If you want to make new friends, then accept the fact that the people you meet at university will be different to friends you already have. If you make any snap judgements of people, you are already ruining your chances of a possible new friendship. 

     3) If you are living here at Scape, make sure that on moving in day you make yourself known and introduce yourself to at least a good few people who are on the same floor as you. 

     4) Don't try too hard to fit into a certain group of people. Freshers is all about a fresh start and new experiences so it's natural that a few people may want to 're-invent themselves' - but don't change yourself too much as you may regret it later. 

     5) Don't panic is you don't find a group of good friends straight away. The first people you meet at university may not be those who you stay friends with. There will be many opportunities to meet new people in the first few weeks so don't worry. 

     6) Join at least one society at university. This is not a must but depending on what university you go to, there will more than likely be a wide range of societies to join to find friends with similar interests. 

     7) Attend freshers week/freshers events. This may seem like a little obvious one but make sure that you know when and where the freshers events are and attend as many as possible. The most you attend the more people you will meet. 

     8) Do not miss any lectures. Some people's courses start earlier than others and your first few lectures may overlap with freshers events. If you are one of those people, then make sure you do not miss your first lecture. This is a chance to meet your tutors and classmates and find out important information about your course. 

     9) Do not go too over the top with drinking. Yes you are bound to want to have a few drinks, it is freshers after all. Just remember that this is the time you'll be meeting new people, do you really want to be that one person who is remembered for the wrong reasons? 

     10) Most importantly; enjoy yourself! 


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